Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Locke and Load

The Ottawa Senators announced today that they signed ex-67 and former Ranger/Canadien/Wild Corey Locke.

Personally, I love this move. Locke was never given much of a shot by the Rangers, and the Canadiens weren't willing to play him in a role where he can excel. His game style is that of a top-6 forward--playing him for cheap minutes on the 4th line just doesn't work. I remember watching him light it up in a game against the Kingston Frontenacs back in the day, thinking that he was too small (he's 5'9" according to the AHL's website) to succeed in a league like the NHL. Then, the lockout happened and the game was changed. I really think he has a shot at success if he's played in the right role and is developped properly.

In terms of immediate impact, he adds depth to Bingo and could realistically be expected to continue his PPG pace in the AHL.


  1. Good picture of Corey Locke, if he shows at all he will get a shot the show...most of the previous smaller scorers go to Bingo and go in the tank!

    Note: Your "Header" looks like a subliminal message...Alfie's lateral pass (not break out) is being blocked by Kostitsyn...are you one of those half SENs, half Habs fans?

  2. Ya got me, Nik, this whole blog is a secret ploy to get Sens fans to enjoy terrible hockey! Coming up next, pro-Leafs propaganda! =D

  3. Hold the fort until we get a picture of "Sarge" Gonchar, #55?, breaking us out of our own end and then ya show the "Habs" getting beat on the play!