Saturday, November 27, 2010

On the B-Sens...

I got an opportunity to check out the Binghamton Senators take on the Hamilton Bulldogs at Scotiabank Place last night (thanks again for the ticket, @CassiieD!) and, as someone who doesn't get much of a chance to check out the farm team, thought I might take a moment to list a few thoughts on the "stars of the future" like Martin St. Pierre Patrick Wiercioch, Robin Lehner and others.
  • Jim O'Brien was one of the best-looking players out there. He dug into corners, got the puck to open players, and played an all-around gritty game. My GOD does he need a haircut, though. Just saying.
  • Oh, while I'm on about Jimbo, new nickname idea: O-B-Jim. Eh? Eh?
  • Patrick Wiercioch was pretty much invisible for most of the game. He made a few nice passes about halfway through the third, but for a supposed offensive defenceman, he need to be more visible out there. He's still a few years off.
  • Robin Lehner looked solid. He reminded me a bit of regular season Patty Lalime. Coincidence, he also wears the same number. So, here's hoping he changes his number to 1 for the playoffs...
  • Bobby Butler and Corey Locke, the so-called "dynamic duo", looked a bit weak last night. All of Butler's shots were either hesitant, resulting in deflections off Bulldogs' sticks, or wide of the net. Locke, meanwhile, wasn't feeding him the puck and was really weak on faceoffs.
  • Another player who really impressed was Colin Greening. All night long, he made the smart play. Assuming he continues developing, Greening could be a great 4th-liner on the big club.
  • Lastly, and this is more of a question to anyone who was at the game... anyone know why the Bulldogs pulled Sanford after the 1st?


  1. I really wanted to go to that game if only to see Locke, Butler and Greening it's a shame they weren't all up to expectations....I do like this team though and how the future looks for the Sens.

    Took O'Brien long enough to show some hockey life eh? And please don't compare Lehner to Lalime, Im treating the Swede elite like a saviour ;)

  2. Oh yeah, long term I can see a few of these guys being serviceable NHLers, if not all stars. O'B-Jim was definitely noticeable every time he hit the ice, even if it was only his hair drawing my eye his way. Solid play. Could be Chris Kelly 2.0.

    Lalime was GREAT against everyone but the Leafs. If Lehner can go that extra mile then we've got it made in the shade... but it might be prudent to lower expectations on Lehner a bit.